Saturday, June 7, 2014

You Are Summoned! Zephaniah 43:1, 4 - Wk: 1, Thursday

Oh, my soul...........

Rejoice in the Lord and forsake Him not!

Rejoice in the Lord....
Rejoice in Adonai who has created you!
Who created you while you were yet in darkness!
Adonai created you and called you by name!
You who were born a grasping ya'akov.
He has pursued you!
He has found you!
He has waged mighty battle for you!
He has won the battle for you!
He has blessed you when you sought to wrestle against even Him!
He has drawn you to Himself.....while you were..... Ya'akov...
..............flesh grasping after ........ what?.......
He has redeemed you!
He has drawn you to Himself.......while you were....... Isra'el........
.... struggling with God and with men along the way......
What could you have done to merit His favor? .........  Nothing!
He has taken on your struggles.
He took them on Himself!
 - - - the Mighty Warrior alone overcame them!
He overcame them and established Complete Victory over them!
He Himself, Jeshua haMashiach cast them aside...... And now......
He has renewed you!
He has grafted you in, by the power of life in Jeshua haMashiach!
He has grafted you in!
He has formed you, Isra'el......... that now, it can be ever so true........... are summoned to His rest.....!

The fire and the river may cross your path.
The fire and the river may be at your feet!
But the fire will not burn you!
And the river will not overflow you!

The fire and the river may seem to be a struggle.
But you are summoned!
Step onward!
He has taken on your struggles!
So now you may call upon the name of the Lord!
Forget Him not as you face the fire and the river!
Be not weary of the Lord, for He has summoned you - in love!
He has summoned you to enter His rest!
Be not weary of the Lord!
Be not weary of His love!

But now, you are called to the nations!
You are called to share His love with the nations!
You are called to share His love with the nations who.....
Are grasping, who........
Struggle with God and with men.........
Whom He is pursuing yet...........
Who have eyes, but who do not see........
Who have ears, but who do not hear...........
Be His witness unto the nations!
He whose hand is ready to save you in His hand!
He is ready to do something new!
Be not weary of the Lord!
Be not weary of His love!
Close not your eyes or your ears to His love!
Close not your eyes or your ears to His rest!
Close not your eyes or your ears......
And witness the wonders of His redemption......
.........of the nations - - - for His name's sake!

Rise up in praise of the Mighty Warrior!
Rise up in praise of His Complete Victory!
Rise up in praise of His love!
Rise up in praise of........ the Lamb...........

S.  -  But now this is what Adonai says;
He who created you, Ya'akov,
He who formed you, Isra'el:
"Don't be afraid! for I have redeemed you;
I am calling you by your name;
you are mine.
(Zephaniah 43:1, 4 - CJB)

Wk: 1; Friday can be found here.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Mighty Warrior is With You! Zephaniah 3:17: Wk: 1, Wednesday GMG

The Mighty Warrior is with you!

"The Lord your God is in your midst / a mighty warrior.....!" (Zephaniah 3:15b, and 17a - NAS/NIV....)

Hear it again and receive it!

The Mighty Warrior is with you!

What's more, the Mighty Warrior is more than just an ally!

The Mighty Warrior saves you!  (NIV)

Why does He save you?!?!!!

The Mighty Warrior loves you!

O my soul!  You must be safe indeed!  The Mighty Warrior who has won the battle to establish an eternal foundation for Complete Victory is with you forever and loves you eternally!


This third meditation on scripture from Good Morning Girls in the series You Are Loved builds powerfully on the previous two.  The first study: celebrates His loving pursuit of us, and the second: celebrates complete victory through love.

And here, the study moves on, building on God's love and His victory...... we now focus on the Mighty Warrior who is the source of all of this transcendant love and eternal victory.

What more does Zephaniah say about this Mighty Warrior?

That he not only loves you, He delights in you!

O, my soul!  You heard it yesterday!  He doesn't just love your incorruptible spirit, He loves you, O my soul - to the point that He delights in you!  Do you believe it yet?  How many ways does He need to tell you?

O, my soul, You are so loved!

But what is this that is said of the Mighty Warrior next?

Ode to reading the Hebrew (maybe someday ...... *sigh*)!!!!  What an amazing array of renderings of this next little phrase telling so much about the Mighty Warrior.  Is this next little phrase so rich that no one can get it all into words...not in our flexible language repleat with the most varied vocabulary in the world...? His love He will no longer rebuke you..... (NIV)
....with His love, He will calm all your fears...... (NLT)
....He will quiet you with His love..... (ESV, KJ200Bible)
....He will be quiet in His love..... (NAS)
....He will rest in His love...... (KJV, Jubilee Bible 2000, AKJV, ASV, DBT, ERS, WBT)
....In His love He will renew you with His love..... (ISV)
....He renews you by His love..... (Net Bible)
....renews you with His love....(God's Word Translation)
....He will be silent in His love.... (Douay-Rheims)
....He will calm you in His love.... (WEB)
....He doth work in His love.... (YLT)

Foreseen here:

The conflict - - -  now over!
The Complete Victory - - - obtained!
And still, the Mighty Warrior is moving, - working -
His love enveloping all He is doing;
His efforts, effectual, by, in, and with His love...... for us.........

for ........ you!

for ........    .........    me!

All rebukes past, yes......... but there's more!

His movements........ accomplishing what 'He will' do.......

But what is it that He is doing?

What is the Mighty Warrior bent upon doing with His masterful use of His love?

Why does any warrior with love in his heart go to war?

To safeguard those whom He loves and end all threats to their peace......!

So it is with the Mighty Warrior!

And when the clanging chaos of the battle is over, the quiet that comes........

The quiet that comes *with the love that finally proves to be the end of all wars*.........

Is a quiet of the celebration of peace..

And that is what we see here - 'quiet', 'calm', 'rest', 'renew', 'silent' ......

So what is it that He is doing?

He is resting in His love......

He is drawing us into His rest with His love.

He is and has been creating calm for you and is drawing you into it with Him.

He is renewing us in the silence of that calm.

He is joining us......... in that peace.......


Still, that is only in the days foreseen...... Days not yet come......

Oh!  But those days are promised!

And for those who are loved!  Yes!  For those who are loved; for those who know His promise!

We hear as they did in the days of of the prophets:

Be still (or cease striving) and know that I am God.  (Ps. 46:10)

O, my soul!  Listen and hear!

He is!

He is love!

He is pursuing you with His love!

His is Complete Victory through His love!

He is the Mighty Warrior who brings you peace through His love!

He is the Mighty Warrior who relishes in the calm of peace, together,...... with you........


..............and there's more!

O, Yes! My soul!  There's so much more!

The Mighty Warrior cannot contain His joy in His Complete Victory which He obtained for you!

When the Mighty Warrior has obtained His Complete Victory for you, and you have relished in His peace together......... tasting the beauty of the silence....... tasting it together with you ......

Then the Mighty Warrior will not contain His joy any longer..........

............................Then the Mighty Warrior will rejoice over you with a great cry!

............................Then the Mighty Warrior will rejoice over you with singing!...................

But for now....... O, my soul.  Be still......... cease from striving..........

The promise of the Mighty Warrior will not fail, because there truly is something to the 'old fairy tale's telling, that:

True Love Conquers All!

What the old tales and fables have missed is this:

That True Love ........ is only from God.

His truest messenger........... who bears True Love to us.........

Is the Mighty Warrior!

The Mighty Warrior...... who loves us!

......... who loves.............. (me)! it's time to be





S.  -  The Lord your God is with you,
The Mighty Warrior who saves.
He will take great delight in you;
in his love he will no longer rebuke you,
but will rejoice over you with singing.

(but so many other renderings of this portion of the verse make its meaning so much richer........ - especially when combined with this one....... His love He will no longer rebuke you..... (NIV)
....with His love, He will calm all your fears...... (NLT)
....He will quiet you with His love..... (ESV, KJ200Bible)
....He will be quiet in His love..... (NAS)
....He will rest in His love...... (KJV, Jubilee Bible 2000, AKJV, ASV, DBT, ERS, WBT)
....In His love He will renew you with His love..... (ISV)
....He renews you by His love..... (Net Bible)
....renews you with His love....(God's Word Translation)
....He will be silent in His love.... (Douay-Rheims)
....He will calm you in His love.... (WEB)
....He doth work in His love.... (YLT)

O.  -  The Holy Spirit has been so faithful to guide the women who put together this study for us.

This meditation upon scripture is built upon those previous studies:  God pursues us with His love.  With that love, He obtains Complete Victory......

Today, we move on to celebrate the one who obtained that victory established in, by, and with His love for us......., and what do we find as we celebrate the one who obtained the victory.......?

O, my soul!  Rejoice!

The Mighty Warrior is with you.
The Mighty Warrior loves you.
The Mighty Warrior delights in you.
The Mighty Warrior, with the power of His love, has obtained peace for you, for your healing, calming, and renewing.
The Mighty Warrior, with the power of His love, has obtained peace for you, in order to enjoy and delight in peace with you!
The Mighty Warrior, after relishing in peace with us, will rejoice over you with a loud ringing cry...... - O, He will rejoice.......... with singing......

A.  -  Now we are to be like Him!

We need to face conflict with love - with Him!
We need to love Him - as He loved us!
We need to delight in Him!
We need to praise Him for His peace and receive His healing and renewing and calming from His love!
We need to relish and delight with Him in His peace!
We need to rejoice in Him!

We need to face conflict with His love - for others!
We need to love others - as He loved us!
We need to delight in others - delighting in those He has sent us to, to share His love!
We need to extend the peace of His kingdom - extending His healing - through the power of His love!
We need to delight in His peace with others - with Him!
We need to rejoice in the called - in His beloved - in His kingdom!

P.  -  Our Father!  You sent your Mighty Warrior to love us, save us, delight in us, heal us, bring us peace, and prepare us here on earth to be with you in heaven!  What a mighty, yet loving Father-God you are!

May your name be holy in my (our) life/lives: Faithful and True, and the name written on your crown which no one has yet known, and your name Word of God, and your name King of King and Lord of Lords (Rev 19:11-16).

Hurry and come again!  No other warrior can bring an end to chaos and put The Kingdom of peace on the map with mankind so that no one can again say, "There is no god," even while God graciously, again and again proclaims "Adonai" (I am......).  Mankind cries for peace, peace.  But without you, there is no peace.  Thank you for peace in your Kingdom of Heaven here on earth, and for bringing me into that peace with you.  Help me to further that kingdom here today!  Show me who in my path you mean for me to share the gospel with.  Show me who you wish to use to refine me - bringing me into greater obedience (both disciplers, and those who are enemies, who laugh at my being in the fire, while you are using the fire to refine and purify me!).  Show me who are my brothers and sisters in you - that I might fellowship with them!  Manifest your kingdom Lord - King of King and Lord of Lords!

Thank you for the glass through which we see, darkly, in joy, the glorious love of you as warrior (Zephaniah 3), and, in humility, the fearsome holiness of you as warrior (Revelation 19).  Help us to be moved both by your love and the fight that is ahead to preach peace through the cross.

Forgive us for not rejoicing with you when you rejoice, and for not seeking peace for others in response to your warning of the judgment to come.  Help us to grow in both your grace, and in your *truth* - empowered unto good works by your truth.

And lead us not unto temptation - - - - but lead us into the world as a light - - - - leading us in the path of righteousness.......... for your name's sake.

For thine is the kingdom of the power of love - the kingdom of the warrior revealed - the kingdom of the holy one - so glorious!


Monday, June 2, 2014

Complete Victory! Romans 8:35-39, esp. 37-39; Wk 1: Tuesday

Ode to the Complete Victory!

Didn't you know?  It's in the news - the Good News, that is!

Check out the NET Bible's telling of it in Romans 8:37:

"In all these things we have complete victory through Him who loved us!"

But we don't always act like it, do we?

Do we not believe it?

Yesterday, Good Morning Girls led a study on Psalm 139, focusing on vs. 7-10 (my blog for that amazing study is here).

During that study, God really brought my attention (again) to the fact that we are terribly inclined to have it all backwards in our thinking (We need that 'renewing of the mind' thing happening way more than we think, huh?).  So often, we try to run and hide from God when He is seeking our good.  We forget at such times that God is love.....  That we are loved!  What a thing to forget!  But we do....., well, I do anyway.....

Now, here today, the next Good Morning Girls in this series, "You Are Loved," is pointing out another thing we often lose track of:  We have complete victory....... through Him who loved us!

Now, have we forgotten just the victory, or have we also forgotten that:

We are loved!?

From my own experience, I'd have to admit that when I've forgotten that We Have Complete Victory, it is because I don't feel one bit loved.

At such times, MacLaren's commentary on Romans 8:19 seems to explain and/or describe my life so well:

"There is always a difference between appearance and reality, between the ideal and its embodiments.  For all men it is true that the full expression of oneself is impossible.  Each man's deeds fall short of disclosing the essential self in the man.  Every will is hampered by the fleshly screen of the body.  "I would that my tongue could utter the thoughts that arise in me,' is the yearning of every heart that is deeply moved.  Contending principles successively sway every personality and thwart each other's expression.  For these, and many other reasons, the sum-total of every life is but a shrouded representation of the man who lives it; and we, all of us, after all efforts at self-revelation, remain mysteries to our fellows and to ourselves.  All this is eminently true of the sons of God.  They have a life-germ hidden in their souls, which in its very nature is destined to fill and expand their whole being, and to permeate with its triumphant energy every corner of their nature.  But it is weak and often overborne by its opposite.  The seed sown is to grow in spite of bad weather and a poor soil and many weeds, and though it is destined to overcome all these, it may to-day only be able to show on the surface a little patch of pale and struggling growth.  When we think of the cost at which the life of Christ was imparted to men, and of the divine source from which it comes, and of the sedulous and protracted discipline through which it is being trained, we cannot but conclude that nothing short of its universal dominion over all the faculties of its imperfect possessors can be the goal of its working.  Hercules in his cradle is still Hercules, and strangles snakes.  Frost and sun may struggle in midwinter, and the cold may seem to predominate, but the sun is steadily enlarging its course in the sky, and increasing the fervour of its beams, and midsummer day is as sure to dawn as the shortest day was."

On the coldest of nights, the sun doesn't convince me that it will be warm soon, if at all.  Really, I'm rather inclined to overcome most of my natural fears, but I am inordinantly fearful of the cold.  When I am warm, I shake my head at the thought, but when I have occasionally found myself so cold that I couldn't warm myself up, and I had no immediate hope of help in becoming warm, I trembled from more than the cold.

Where is my faith at such moments?

Where is my faith when the chaos of life threatens the peace of not only my life, but the peace of those whom I love dearly?  At such times, I do find my *confidence* anchored on the rock - *sometimes*, but not always.

Ode to the next question:

When not - - - - why not?

Does the rock change between times of faith and times of doubt!  No!

Does His love change?  Never!

Does the fact of His victory change?  Absolutely not!

But sometimes I do forget that He Is Love, and that I Am Loved - simply because I am His......., and all because I am not busy *seeing the unseen victory*.

......... *sigh*.............

So what is lacking?

Well, let's read on:  Romans 8:38 says... what?

"For I am convinced!"........

Ah....... there it is then....... I am not as convinced as I ought to be.

Convinced of what?

Convinced of His invincible love!

May I rest in His love.  May I rest in the convincing testimony of His love.  May I rest in the victory which His love affords.

And then will I perhaps better remember that we have:

Complete Victory - ........ because of that deep, deep, eternal, boundless love of God!


Sure enough, in his commentary on Romans 8:37, MacLaren calls all of the challenges which we face not only the 'heterogenous mass (which) the Apostle brigades here together,' but more importantly, he also calls them 'the impotent enemies of love.'

It is important to note that it is not our love that makes our enemies' efforts 'impotent'.  Our love is not steady enough for any such victory.

It is only the unchangeable, immutable, eternal, infinite love of God in Christ Jesus that can vanquish all of our foes.  But vanquish them all it will, and Paul's confidence should be our goal.

Such is the calling of the love of God.  And yes....... beloved:

You are so loved!


So, if we have complete victory, might we merely scoff at our enemies and foes?

Certainly not!  We must oppose them with soberness of spirit, filled with God's love.

With that kind of love, we can hold out hope for the lost and dying, for the suffering and afflicted, for those who do not yet realize that there is any such thing as real hope in the midst of even the most horrid suffering.

Can we find such love in our hearts?


Because that love comes from an eternal well of love.

That love comes from an eternal God of love.

And that love of His surrounds us, and fills us more than we know.

We must simply remember it and stand upon it - the love of the living rock which was broken - the love of the living rock which poured forth water for all those called by Him into the wilderness - the love of the living rock which provided more than enough life for everyone when death seemed to be the only result of a wilderness calling.

Wilderness calling or no.......

You are so loved!

Convinced you ought to be!  But convinced or not.........

You are so very, very, very, very, very, very much ......... loved!

Now may we share the light & life - yes, the love that He calls on us to share - so that others can become convinced that they are also loved........

So that together with them, we will have Complete Victory......

In Him!


S. - Who will separate us from the love of Christ?  Will tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?  Just as it is written, "For Your sake we are being put to death all day long; we were considered as sheep to be slaughtered."  But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us.  For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principlaities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing will be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

O. - O my soul!  Look closely!  It might  only be seen through a glass darkly, but it is there!

Complete Victory! through Him who loved us!  There might well be tears in times of tribulation, distress, persecution, famine, nakedness, peril, sword, death, attacks, concerns about tomorrow, the hate of others....... and whatever else there might be which this does not readily sum up, but which can bring turmoil into life in this world.

But neither smiles, nor dry eyes, nor even tears are the measure of my faith.

So there it is:  Tears or no tears, I am loved!  And I am *the beloved* of the Victor who will win Complete Victory for His glory, for His Father's glory, ........ and to share ....... yes, to share ...... with us.....

His beloved.

Oh my soul!

You are so loved!

When the distresses of life come, even when the worst of wilderness walking comes, and death is looming for lack of necessities, we only need to look to the Rock of our Salvation!  Yes, look!  Look to the lover of my soul!  He has more than the necessities of life for us!  He is the Rock split in the wilderness, pouring forth living water!  He is the one who *died* to share glory with *you* - oh my soul!

Oh my soul!  Don't you see it yet?  Don't you feel it yet?

Oh my soul!  Say it over and over again!

You, oh my soul, are so loved!

It's not just the incorruptible spirit He provided for you, oh my soul, that is sooooo loved......

You, - yes, ..... you ......  oh my soul, are so loved!

A. - It's time to grow in soul keeping.  It's time to focus less on self, and more on being a keeper of my soul.

And the power to do that well?  It's the unstoppable power of the love of God in Christ Jesus, our Lord!

Do more of that soul talking, o my soul, and remind yourself, o my soul,

That you are so loved!

P. - Our Father, You are so great and so powerful that the fallen angels shudder with fear. Who am I to call you Father? Yet You have said that I have no need to fear, because You have called me daughter.  You have said I am Yours, and You love .... me.....

When it comes to the bully down the street, or even the bully in the heart of Satan himself, I have no need to fear, because you have promised to take care of me, and you can do all of that, because you, my Father, - my papa, - are bigger, better, stronger, wiser, and what's more, as if that isn't wonderful enough all by itself - - - you won't get too old for any and/or all of the bullies in the whole universe and beyond!  Your love, power, and wisdom are eternal.  They all last forever, so my confidence in your protection and love will last forever too.  Hallelujah!  Thank you for the peace that such confidence provides.  Please, dear God, help me to stand in that confidence so that your name, El Shaddai, Almighty God, might be glorified in my life.

Though I don't deserve your love, you have called me to stand confidently in faith, letting your love and light shine through me. Let that life and light shine clearly for others (believers and unbelievers) so they can rejoice with me and stand confidently in the power of your love and grace too - establishing the kingdom of heaven more boldly here on earth.  If there is anyone here today who does not know you, Father God, help them to know that as you have been pursuing them, you are seeking Complete Victory for them.  Help them hear you say, "You are so loved!"

Thank you for this joyous banquet! Help me to rejoice in each portion of each course which you have prepared for me, and help me to draw all of the nourishment from it that you mean for me to receive - that I may grow more in your wisdom and love and be prepared for every good work.

Lord, you know that in my life, there have been times when I did not put faith in your complete victory, and that without faith, I walked in sin.  Thank you for Jesus' forgiveness for those sins.  I trust His forgiveness and am grateful for it.  But Lord, I just have to say to you that I am so sorry that I grieved your spirit.  It breaks my heart to have grieved you.  I know I need to press on, forgetting the past, and I need you to help me do that - but on the way by, I just have to say I'm sorry.  Nothing I could ever say or do could ever be enough, which is why I so desperately need Jesus, but I just have to say it sometimes anyway......  Help me to both walk in your forgiveness and walk in your truth - in faith.  Help me also to forgive others whose lack of faith has brought sin into their lives which brought hard consequences into my/their lives - and help me to have compassion for their slipping, as I need compassion for my own.

And Lord, help me (us) to walk in the paths of righteousness *today* - protecting us in your glorious kingdom through the whole day, for yours is the glory of the Complete Victory of Infinite and Eternal Love.  May it establish your kingdom soon....... oh, so very soon........


Wk 1: Day 3's study can be found here.


Sunday, June 1, 2014

He Calls Us Beloved: Psalm 139, esp. vs. 7-10, Wk 1: Monday

How can it be?

How is it that the great creator, the God of redemption, the God of love...... knows me and loves me - and lifts me up from a vile, fallen creature -- to a redeemed and beloved daughter.  Wonder of wonders.  Miracle of miracles.

He created us, beloved.  We walked away from Him, then ran further, ran, and then hid..... hiding for shame.

Yet He seeks to restore us!

We are so beloved that He seeks to restore even us.......  No matter how hard we run, no matter where we hide....... His love still seeks our hearts with His own.  His love still seeks your heart every day, every moment, everywhere you find yourself......

You are so loved.


Bereshit bara Elohim! In the beginning God created........  The great designer created inestimable detail throughout His creation.  His glorious, created design bespeaks His praise.

Yet that is not all!  His glorious, created design is something He naturally desires to bless.  He blessed it time and time again as He was designing and creating it all (Genesis 1).  And though we ran from Him, and though we still try to hide from Him, He still desires to bless us...... starting with forgiving, healing, nurturing, and then rejoicing in and with us.

You are so loved!

The great designer knows every detail of everything He created - He would never forget a single detail, because He loves us.

You are so loved!

He even knows what is broken and how to fix it....  But knowing how was not enough for Him because of HIs love for us.  Yes, beloved, He has done all to heal us so that He can bring us into a new path which He has prepared for us, a new path in which we can again seek to walk with Him moment by moment, just as He has been seeking us, knowing where we are, moment by moment; just as He is still seeking us, knowing where we are moment by moment......

You are so loved!

All we need to do to receive His healing, and return to His love, and walk with Him as He designed us to, is to accept His healing and His love and follow Him.

Receive His wonderful gifts!  And do not forget:  You are so loved!

Each design from the beginning was an expression of His glory - but why???  Was that some vanity tour He took?  May it never be!..... Rather:  He took His glory and expressed it in such thoughtful and loving ways that He could share everything He has with all of His creation - especially with mankind.

Receive His wonderful gifts!  And do not forget:  You are so loved!

Certainly, God designed the perfect world even for sparrows.  Though the fall of man brought trouble into the sparrow's paradise, even still, the sparrow rejoices in the glorious wonders which God designed for him to enjoy - these special blessings which God designed into the heavens, the sunshine, the rivers and lakes, the valleys and mountains all bedecked with waving flora.  Certainly the sparrow rejoices in the breeze while in flight, with the fluttering limbs as he rests in the trees, and with his own trills, calls, and songs throughout the day.  Most certainly, then, the sparrow is often filled with so much wonder that he cannot hold in his joy, but sings his melodies.  And when he sings his joyous songs, is he not also sharing the wondrously designed voice which God bestowed upon him....., sharing it with a whole world around him...., bringing delight to all who hear.

Receive His wonderful gifts!  And praise His name, for:  You are so loved!

All this brings God's glory into a realm which we can enjoy, share, and yes, witness in wonder.

Praise His name, for:  You are so loved!

Our sparrow friend cannot sing alone often, though.  The trees and rivers join in, clapping their hands, while the mountains join in song (Is. 55:12, Psalm 98:8).

We ought also to join in with each other and with all creation to sing His praise!

Praise His name, for:  You are so loved!


The design He used when He created mankind included not only this ability to revel in the glory of God and witness His wonder through it, but He also included a special capacity for fellowship with Him and with others.

Even though I am a fallen creature, He still sees that in me which is made in His image (Genesis 9:6).

Even though, as a fallen creature, like my sister Eve with her husband Adam, I am inclined to run and hide from Him because of the grief and pain of my shame (Genesis 3:10)..... yet He seeks out my heart - calling to my heart along the way, knowing each step, each thought, each breath that I take..... And all the while, He is busy providing a way to come back to Him - to stop running, to stop hiding, to rest in Him, to rejoice in the glory He has designed into all things He desires for us to share with Him and with each other.....  (I John 1:3).

Yes, God expressed His glory in ways to share with us......  And when we brought pain to His heart......

God expressed His forgiveness in an amazing way then too - - - to share even His forgiveness with us as well..... - - - to share even His love and forgiveness with you....

Praise Him for His loving kindness!  For:  You are so loved.......

May we never forget it!

May we receive it!

May we rejoice, joining our voices together, clapping our hands together, rejoicing together, rejoicing before Him......... rejoicing that He said to each and every one of us....

You are so loved.........


S - Psalm 139:7-10 Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or whither shall I flee from thy presence?  If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there.  If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea; Even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me.

O - Like my sister Eve and her husband Adam, I have been inclined to run and hide from God because He is the God Who Sees Me (Genesis 16:13)...., and........ do I really want the God Who Sees Me to see my sin? But God has been seeking me - - - for my good.  God in His love understood my fear (Genesis 4:10), so He provided Jesus' sacrifice (Genesis 22:8, 14), so my (our) sin can be forgotten forever, never to be remembered again - - - so we can walk with Him in peace again.  We are so loved!  I am so loved!  You are so loved!

In my ignorance and/or pride, I sometimes still run and *try* to hide from God even after having received His forgiveness.  At those times, I run and hide, feeling very foolish for not walking in faith.  But God's *heart* keeps searching for even my heart (as He does for all of us), *Because* He loves me, because He loves us, and wants to heal me (us) from the pain that occurs when standing in faith turns out to be an *after* thought.  Yes, He *seeks* to nurture us and to bring us back into such a close relationship with Him again, that we will walk in faith with Him (and each other) again - instead of playing a sad and heavy version of hide and seek.

After I finally found peace with God through salvation, sometimes, I have still found myself slipping, and sometimes I haven't even known what I *should-have-done*.  I still wanted to run and hide, but He always sought me out in love - helping me to grow along the path.  In time, I have grown in hindsight (still growing), then mid-sight, then I began to learn to avoid more and more slippery spots.  But only because He never let me remain hidden away, hiding from Him for the shame He already died for.

Now, sometimes the challenges are harder..... (or they seem like it to me?.....).  The process continues - and He is *always* faithful to find me.

Now when I slip, and sometimes even fall, I might struggle with a desire to hide, but more and more, I trust His voice, reminding me to watch for a time *soon* when I can seek healing with those I might have hurt (or who have hurt me, and I, not wanting to stand in faith, want to run away), but in the meantime, and even through that process, He seeks me out and helps me move on ***forgetting the past and pressing on to the high calling**** - - - so that I may follow Him: ----

I am loved beyond measure.......

Now may I be more and more about following Him rather than playing hide and seek, being His hands and feet and heart for the lost, effective as a 'fisher of men' in order to extend His peace, helping others to come to Him and find out how true it is that 'You are loved' applies to them, then rejoicing with each other as we glorify Him because 'We are loved'; And may I be found following Him more and more, being His hands and feet and heart for His church, effective in the calling of the saints as a peacemaker.  Seeking to extend the kingdom of peace:  Helping others labor to enter into His rest....  so we can walk with Him in peace.

P - :

Our Father, Yes, mine! and ours!

A perfect Father, seeking us out for adoption all the while making a place for us in a perfect heaven to bring me (us) there with you one day!  What love!  Help me not to run from your love again!  That is so much my desire!

Your name is so rich and pure, The God Who Sees Me.  You have proven that you pursue me in so many kind and wonderful ways.  You have proven even more that you pursue me to share grace and blessings for me! for my living! with a heart of a Father for His beloved child - providing everything I need for life and living and growing-for-tomorrow today! May your name, the God Who Sees Me, be made holy in my life..... in our lives together as your body......

May I (we), follow you more, rather than need to be sought by you over and over - - - Help us to follow you closely, as it is time to walk with you and not to run from you, as you seek to reach others through your love in us - seeking to love and bless them; that * (we) may extend your love, and thereby extend your kingdom on earth.  Help us, Our Father, to be knit together *today* - knit in love for each other and for those whom you are pursuing, that others may know we are one with You, and Your glorious love for them is in us, that they may be drawn to you - preparing us for your kingdom in heaven even as you are preparing your kingdom in heaven for us.

Thankyou for this banquet, for leading this lesson, feeding and growing your beloved.  Our Father, your table is always a bountiful feast of love even in the midst of conflict and attack - help us not to run from it!  Lord if anyone here does not know you yet, help them to understand that your holy love is seeking her out to share peace and love with them.  Help them to turn to you and accept your forgiveness, your love, your peace, and everything you have for them today and always.

Lord for those of us who know you, heal us from the ravages of the conflicts of this world and grant us boldness about them - knowing in faith that you will work all things for the good of those who love you.  Thank you for the forgiveness of your Son!  Father God, wash our hands and feet, renew our mind back yet again to the mind of Christ, help to restore our hearts away from the heart of stone that we create when we are hurt by the evils of this world before we walked in faith, and when we, still yet, walk in fear and/or selfishness, trusting in others and/or ourselves or in some 'hiding place' rather than trusting in you to get us past the pain that comes with the groanings of this world.

When the ravages of sin-in-the-world come against me (us) again today, help me (us) to remember your love for us, and that your love includes forgiveness, and extend all of that love to others, living at peace with everyone in as much as it is possible with me (us) - all with a heart of compassion.  Help me remember that you seek not only my slavation, and not only to know my heart, but to heal my heart that it may fellowship with you fully.  Heal my heart Lord!  Heal our hearts Lord!  Help me (us) to have a heart of flesh, the heart you intendede me (us) to have, the heart that you have for all that is good, the heart that you have for the lost, and for love and unity in your body.  Help our spirits which we receive with your forgiveness to unite with Your spirit, with Your heart within us, with the Mind of Christ in us:  following your leading in faith (for anything not of faith is sin) - that we may love, love each-other-and-others, as we accept your love for ourselves, in the way you intended: that beautiful fellowship grows and endures.

Our Father, please allow the seeds of peace and love you planted in our hearts to grow and not whither and die.  Rather, tend these young plants or ours, and help them to bring forth fruit........ rebuke our enemies and let us not run and hide with them....., don't allow us to mistake them for those who love you.

For thine is a kingdom of the power and glory of love, and of peace, and of hope, and of joy - forever.

Thank you again Jesus in your pursuit of a peace and healing for us, that, through Him, we may come to you and receive your love and forgiveness and have fellowship with you and with your church in these things and everything.