Thursday, March 26, 2015

II Corinthians 1:1-2

The Call to Cease - sent forth with the message of the Anointed One, the Promised One:  "I Am Salvation successfully sent across from the other side and back again for the sake of the only, true God, as an act of His willing desire, earnest wish, and amazing design," .....

......  and moreover, the brother (from the same womb......), Valuable Honor,

To the ones called out from the world to God......

(to those of you who are) of The God, The Creator who is master of everything in the universe....... "I Am  within and among (you in) this world made up of false and mortal legends (which only end in death....... )

(to those of you who are called out by The Eternal):  "I Am together within and among (you even when you are in the middle of any and) every part (of a world which does not know how to trace its beginnings because they do not know me)."   (II Corinthians 1:1)


God is inclining His grace - to you.........

to bless you in kindness, freely 'extending Himself to give Himself away' - to you.....

reaching His favor out  -  to you.......

....and even joining you back together into that which is wholeness:  (which is peace)peace as only found in The Creator God, who establishes and sustains all things:  Our Father, even The Master and Lord, the one called "I Am Salvation", The Promised One, The Anointed One.   (II Corinthians 1:2)


"Come Unto Me, All Ye Who Labor and Are Heavy Laden, And I Will Give You Rest."  Matthew 11:28

Friday, February 20, 2015

Remember that your Goals and your Dreams, are Not the worlds dreams........

Mini Challenge #1, part 1: (a letter to my young self.....)

Hello, Rainah.  I see you are very busy with your dance.  Your joy in learning and growing shows.  Your hard work will pay off.  Not necessarily the way you might expect, but in ways that matter the most, so just keep pressing on!

Keep being more and more attentive, patient, quick to work, quicker to give it your all, ready to wait for others to have their turn, ready to lead out, ready to be last, quick to encourage others, especially the weak, ready to say you are sorry fairly quickly (which you do when you actually know what you have done wrong - and, oh.... wouldn't it be nice to always know? but you won't, so just try as hard as you can.....).  Be ready to oil your feathers so false criticisms will roll off your back.  You are already usually quick to do that too, but you also need to be quick to realize when fear or jealousy are at the root of the criticism.  Watch for that.  It can help you to try to bridge the gap between you and those who fear you or are jealous of you.... Doing so will bring you much peace - a peace that you can share with others who love peace too........ Then, work on building relationships with those who love peace.  Those are the best relationships to have, because those people are not only extraordinary, they are a safe haven when life's storms get rough! 

Keep in mind that the criticisms from your teachers are not always spot on.  Don't let their concerns turn you from your path.  Realize that sometimes, their concerns arise because of their own inabilities, not your own.  If you haven't found the answers you need today from the mentors currently present in your life, or from the research which you have available to you today, don't. give. up!  Keep seeking the truth that will set you free!

If you have set backs, so you can't achieve your goals according to the worlds time tables, remember that your goals and your dreams are not the world's dreams.  You might need to find a safe place to save and protect your dreams for a while, but when you get past the set backs, know that it is still alright to unfurl the banner of your dreams and start pressing on again!

You are so in love with beauty that it could well be said that you cherish beauty; yet you are not focused on who is most beautiful, most capable, or who can help you get ahead.  While you wouldn't say so quite yet, what is growing in you is a sense of the power of beauty - the power to change lives for good.  You love the celebration of beauty, not the flaunting of ability, which is the most lovely frame for beauty's truths to shine.  Others will realize this of you before you do.  In the meantime, don't listen when some around you denigrate you because you seek to grow in your ability.  Your ability is important because it is a tool to help you share the truths which beauty can build into the lives of others.

While you do not yet realize the power of the spark of life placed in you, one day you will realize that it is right and good to (sometimes) stand in awe of that spark of life in you --- which is the best part of who you are.  Why?  Because you did not place it there yourself!  It is a created gift!  That spark of life has been infused with a beauty beyond what you can begin to imagine or believe.  Oh, and, by the way, that faith that you have in others' spark of life?  Open your eyes quickly so that you can begin to see how vital it is for you to believe the same about yourself.

You are willing to honor authorities - do more!  Love them!  Still, it is amazing that you are willing to lay aside a dream for a season when there is no mentor available to you who can guide you safely - which is wise beyond your years.   Continue to grow in wisdom, as it will help you move forward in life even when there are road blocks and delays in your path.  Indeed, only truth can carry you through, no matter what others may think of you, not just when you are young and hoping to establish a solid foothold on life, but even later, as you press on to see how much of a centurion and beyond you might become.

Live everyday like your last, but with a mind to making any New Tomorrows with which you might be blessed fuller than Your Today.  Your Today is a gift placed in your hand from the Divine Hand of providence - a gift from outside of yourself - a gift which you should cherish - and a gift which you should share with others.  Every Tomorrow which you live to discover, while still a gift from the hand of providence will also be, in great part, a gift that you gave to yourself in many ways -------- so be careful in how you prepare that gift today ---- and prepare a gift worth receiving yourself, so that it will be a gift worth sharing with others.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Alive! Raised Up! Together! LGG: Week 1: Ephesians 2:6-7; Genesis 1:27; Ephesians 2:1-10

Ephesians 2:5-7  But God, who is rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in trespasses, made us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved), and raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, that in the ages to come He might show the exceeding riches of His grace in His kindness towards us in Christ Jesus.

Our God, who is rich in mercy, has indeed made us who were dead alive together with Christ!

What amazing grace that proclaims!   ......but that was not all He did!!!!........

He raised (us) up together!


He made (us) sit together in the heavenly .... in Christ Jesus!

Amazing.......... My mind cannot quite wrap itself around all of that heavenly togetherness....  How could anyone here on earth really begin to grasp that?  It's other worldly!  Still.......... Whatever that is, it must be amazing!  (more on that in a bit.....surprising bits, that the meantime.....)

Praise His Name!  Praise God Who is Rich in Mercy!


Just be still and know.......  Be still before God!  God Who is Rich in Mercy! Oh! He sent His Son to die......... to die.......... so that we might live!

In order that we might have Life, and that more abundantly!

So, while it is good that my mind knows these things (at least in part)......... do I live Life more and more abundantly?


It's time to live more of Life ...... each. and. every. day!  So..........  How do I do that?

What is The Way?  Where is The Way?  Do I know the answers to those questions fully enough?

What is The Truth?  Where is The Truth?........  The Way and The Truth ..........  It is time to find out more....... much more about whatever this thing is......

.........this thing called The Life!


So what now?  Really.......  So, ........ like........ well.......

Who really knows what else to do? ...........

Our mind might say something like, "Let's simply say our Hallelujah's and be done with it, right?"

After all He said He gave us life (past tense).  He said He raised us up (past tense).

And He has..... but am I walking in all he means me to walk in?  In all of that 'life more abundantly' kind of living that He ....... well, that He died to share with us!

My mind might be quick to say:

'Yes, I've been (somewhat) changed already.

'What more of that?

'He also said that He made us sit.  What more could there be.....???

'Besides........  Again........

'This is all past tense...... He already did all of...... all of whatever that is...... for us!  Yeah!  That's it!  He did it ......... for us!  And....... again...... He made us sit, right?

'It's a done deal.  Relax!  ........ right.........., right?'


But wait, is there more? and.... should we take this for granted?

What is it to be fully alive?  Really, think about it a bit.....

Is it to be:

In a spiritual coma maybe? That would be 'alive', wouldn't it? be........ Spiritually handicapped maybe? That would also be 'alive', no?

So let's ask again:  What is it to live?  What is it to live..... in the moment to moment -- moments....... what is it to live The Life?  To be IN the moment...... to be IN...... The Life?

....... I don't think I've begun to scratch the surface of it all.

Now, if I am honest, I can admit humbly that.............

I have begun to live..... And what's more........ at least in my mind, I do seek more life.

To be more specific, the spirit in me has indeed begun to live.   That life force which only comes from him? ...... that life force has indeed been birthed in my spirit!  In my spirit?  It's kinda cool...........

But is there more?  And............  Should I find....... you know....... Should I find even more?

Really, should I learn about more of life, and.. ...

Like......... well...... finally moving on to other questions worth asking....... that are all related to The Life......

What is this thing?  Raised up?  Raised up together!?  Raised up together with Christ!?  .......and........  Does even my mind know enough about that, let alone my feet and hands?

And whether or not I know enough about that... am I living what I know about...... about being raised up together?............

And........... oh!..... more questions......

What is this?  Made (to) sit together in the heavenly....... in Christ Jesus?

I don't know about you, but by now I've rather noticed that this world is a broken place, and it seems very much as if chaos, suffering, pain, death, and destruction are all about us!.........

Worse yet...... chaos, suffering, pain, death, and destruction......... they all....... all of them......... break. my. heart. every. day!

How is it, then, that we are 'raised up together with Christ', and yet more.... 'made to sit together in the heavenly........ in Christ Jesus'?

What all can this mean?  At least, how much of that can we understand while we are here on earth?  Is it just a matter of faith,.... or is there more to it that the great Hope!? ..........and.............

Even if one does find the answers (the real answers) to those questions (or any portion thereof)........

There are the more troublesome questions!  Aye, much more troublesome, indeed........

Who am I that I should be raised up?  Who, me?  I would willingly bow low before Him for eternity just worshiping Him for the majesty of His grace that brought life to me! -or-  I would willingly scurry to the recesses of His kingdom to serve in the corners with all due diligence if need be.

For me that could be so much more than enough!

Yet God wants more of me to live more of Life, and to live it together with Him!........ He does not simply want me to live before Him!  He does not simply want me to live for Him!  He wants me to live together ...........  with Him.......!!!!! ............?

Perhaps that makes sense in some promised dream of an ethereal, perfect world..........

Yes, perhaps so.

However, promises of that longed for utopia can seem......... like so many things in this world......... just another wished for promise......... just a pipe dream......... another dream to be crushed, right?

I mean, so many of us have noticed by now that........ well.......   After all, this is such a broken world!  A broken world filled with chaos, pain, suffering, death, and dying.

In this place of suffering, death, and dying, how can we really become more and more familiar with life and living?  What can it mean, this idea that "He wants me to live together with Him"........

Who?  Me!?  I know all to well what it is to be dead in trespasses..........

Do I really know what it is to be alive in any way..........?

Alive together with Christ!?

What can that mean today!?  Here!?  Now!?  When we live here, in the midst of the pain and struggle?

Ahhhhh, but if we have bowed down low before The Passion of The Mighty Warrior?

If we have seen the majesty of His love which He demonstrated for us so clearly by fighting, dying, and being raised up from that death again for us........ If we have seen through the Word, how he faced down chaos, pain, suffering, death, and dying?  How He allowed Himself to be broken by chaos, pain, suffering, death, and dying?  I mean, really .......... dying!

But then overcoming death and dying! ......... By Living!?

Then perhaps we can finally at least begin to ask how it is to live, and to grow in living, and even, through Him, conquer the power of death and dying in our *lives*, even in the midst of our own chaos, pain, and sufferings.


Just this week, when visiting with the mother of some of my students, the young mother made the comment that she didn't really start living until she reached her thirties. My eyes lit up, and I listened intently, wondering what treasures she must have unearthed.  I listened eagerly as she described Life and her path to finding how to finally begin to live Life.

This precious young mother had begun to find Life when she walked away from one lie-of-this-world, and then another, and then another and more and more......  In place of the lies, she sought out and began to find out a small, little bit about the Truth, and then more of the Truth, and then more and more.......  Then she sought the means to follow this Truth.  The more she did so, the more she knew that she finally began to live Life!  She is still seeking to know more truth.  She knows she has not arrived, but she knows when she finally began to live Life!

What a blessing she must be to her young family!  She has begun to learn to walk with Him! to be raised up together with Him!  ........ and in that she has learned to rest in Him!


Oh, and what a thing to rest in Him!  Is this not 'seated with Him in heavenly realms'?

Hmmmm.  What does that really mean?  After reading the English rendering, it's surprising to look more closely at the Greek.........

kai             synekathesin  en              
and / caused to be seated together (within & operating in) [us]    

tois       epouraniois
the     heavenly realms "properly, heavenly, referring to the impact of heaven's influence on the particular situation or person"

from within which operates      

Christ Jesus
Jeshua HaMeshiach

My mind asks, "How can this be?"

My spirit cries forth, "Hallelujah!"

This precious young mother had opened herself up to being guided by the 'impact of heaven's influence' on the particular situation(s) or person(s) in her life.  Moreover, Christ Jesus was the one which has been and continues to be operating from within that heavenly realm which is having such an impact within her, and within the situations in her life, and within the people in her life!

This new Life in her, yes, The Life - in her - is so clearly an expression of the work of His love in her life!  I couldn't help but hear (without resorting to legalism, I assure you....... I rather hate it.....), anyway, I couldn't help but hear one particular joyous song resounding in the hinter-choir-chambers of my mind, "God's law* is perfect and converts the soul in sin that lies!  God's testimony is most sure and makes the simple wise!"  (Psalm 19:7 - as per the Scottish Psalter - punctuation altered - oh, and personally, I usually sing this psalter setting using the Kingsfold melody - though I sing it much faster than this recording)

My heart rejoiced at the work of His hand being manifested in this young mother!


How then do we begin to learn more of what it is to live Life?

Oh....... we begin to learn to live Life when we walk as those Raised Up Together!

What are we raised out of?  Sin and Death!

Who are we raised up 'together' with?  The Mighty Warrior who conquered Sin and Death!

Sin and Death are no longer:

.......seated together (within & operating in) [us]    ----  

Sin and Death are no longer:

..........the impacting influence on any particular situation or person...... ......... in The Life ........ which lives in me!

They were embedded within us!  Deeply embedded within us!

But thanks be to God, The Mighty Warrior conquered them, and credited us with righteousness for our faith, as He did with Abraham.**

Because of that, we may meet with Him... with the new life in our spirit!  Life in our spirits which had been dead in trespasses, but which have now been made alive in Him!

And now, we not only meet with Him in our minds..........

We meet with Him........ spirit to Spirit!

And His Word illuminates our spirit!  And our spirit takes in more of life......... and more of light!

And our spirit begins to walk........... in........... life...........

.............even though.......... we are in a world of chaos, suffering, pain, death, and dying.

.............even though.......... our hearts and minds, and yes, even our spirits, carry the burdens of chaos, suffering, pain, death, and dying.

And as I reread these last several lines, I can feel a rather tremendous dance, a noble dance, yes....... but...... a resounding stomping dance, which announces the defeat of death in our Life!

But we are not alone.  We are not dying!

We are given life in Him!

We are raised up in Him!

We have in us, seated in us, the full force of the heavenly realms, which have within them.........  the life force of Jesus Christ Himself!  Jeshua HaMashiach!  The Savior!  The promised one!

A promised one whose promise could not be overcome by death any more than He could be vanquished by death!

And now, ......... in celebration ......... yet in closing for now........

Keeping in mind that it is as we seek The Way, The Truth, and The Life that ... The Life is manifested in us, step by step........

Here is my prayer for (us):

May He cause the heavenly realms and their influence which He has already caused to be seated within each of us, so that Christ Jesus, who operates within the heavenly realms, Christ Jesus, who is The Way, The Truth, and The Life ........ May The Life in all of that heavenly togetherness guide each of us with the Light as He works His will in each situation with each person in our lives!

Amen! ........ and ........ Amen!

Glory be to The Living God!

Glory be to The God Who is Rich in Mercy!

Glory be to The Way, The Truth, and The Life!


*   -   "God's law is perfect and converts the soul in sin that lies"?  God's law?  Yes, the law......... the direction.......... the instruction..........  That which the Jews tell us is the way to restore fellowship.  This is what Jesus fulfilled........ the way to restore fellowship!  We have no idea just how much it can mean to be fully restored to fellowship with God.  We do know that back when God made man in His image? ....... yes, back then?  We walked with Him!  What must that have been like?  We do not know!  What will that be like in heaven, rather than a lovely, but rather finite garden?  Who can fathom?

But He promised it!  What grace!

What is it again that helps bring about that restoration?  A restoration that provides something more magnificent than what we broke?  What can restore any of that brokenness?  God's law:

God's direction........ His instruction.......

**  -  It's not a matter of keeping the law, Abraham couldn't do that, but God credited righteousness to Abraham simply because he trusted God.  Did God call upon Abraham to walk justly?  Yes, of course, but if Abraham had to be responsible for His own righteousness, he would have utterly failed.

Rather, God extended 'credit' to Abraham.  Abraham had a debt with God from the time God 'credited him' righteousness.   It was a debt that he couldn't begin to pay, but that was okay with God (because Jesus was going to pay the debt), so that was okay with Abraham....... It was humbling for Abraham, but he was willing to receive hope from ...... well, from the only source of any real hope.

Are you?

If you are, believe that Jesus is the Son of God who died for your sins that you might receive the righteousness of God.

Then seek the Way, the Truth, the Life....... the Light.


***  -  Life and Light!

John 1:1b, 4   "....... and the Word was God. ...... In him was life, and the life was the light of all men."

This young mother?  Praise God for His work in her life!  She heard the truth from the Word, from Him, which brought life and light!

In this scientific age, we believe that light brings about life, but the light that is vital is that light that makes it into the soul and spirit and mind and heart.  No light can enter the soul of a dead man.  No light can enter the spirit of a dead man.  No light can enter the mind of a dead man.  No light can enter the heart of a dead man.

But, praise God, He has given us Life through Christ Jesus....... Jeshua Ha-Meshiach, and thanks to that Life, we can receive light into our whole being!


Genesis 1:27  So God created man in His own image; in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them.

Ephesians 2:1-10  "And you He made alive, who were dead in trespasses and sins, in which you once walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience, among whom also we all once conducted ourselves in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind, and were by nature children of wrath, just as the others.

"But God, who is rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in trespasses, made us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved), and raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, that in the ages to come He might show the exceeding riches of His grace in His kindness towards us in Christ Jesus.  For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.  For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.


S - Ephesians 2:(5), 6-7  "(But God, who is rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in trespasses, made us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved), and raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, that in the ages to come He might show the exceeding riches of His grace in His indness towards us in Christ Jesus."
O - By God's grace, we have been raised out of sin and death and into life!
By God's grace, we have been raised up together with Him and with the power of the heaveny realms within us.... (and with His Kingdom...... that is, * together with * those who believe in Him)!
By God's grace, by God's influence, we have seated (much as in a county 'seat') within us the heavenly places, with Christ Jesus operating as the influence/ruling-force within the heavenly places - and Christ Jesus is the power behind the heavenly realms' influences the situations in our lives....... and thus He is together with us in those situations in which He is, by His loving kindness and by His grace, tending to our every need, to every circumstance, and to every person in our life......
A - First, I am to be like Him, extending the influence of His kingdom in grace and love.
Secondly, I am to walk as one alive, not as one walking in sin and death (which He conquered for us).
Thirdly, I am to walk as one raised to living Life in light of the Light of His glory!
Lastly, I am to seek fellowship with Him and with those in His kingdom whom I am called upon to encourage.  I am to pray for all those I cannot reach out and touch.
But Constantly:  I am to constantly be a witness that:

"He (has shown and continues to show) the exceeding riches of His grace in His kindness towards us in Christ Jesus."

 P - God, help me to watch for little lies in my life which I might not have yet detected, because they can produce great harm.  Help me also to watch for ---- The Way, The Truth, and The Life..... so that I know which way to be heading.  Send me The Light each step of the way, and open my eyes that I may see any dangers along the path, so that I may avoid them or call upon you for deliverance as need be, all for your glory's sake.

Then, as I walk along in your Light, help me to love those whom you have raised up together with me ....... together with Him.  And help them to love each other..... me too.....  So that......

Others may know we are Christians by our love...... that they may see what you have shown:  'the exceeding riches of Your grace in kindness towards us in Christ Jesus.'....... that they may receive the great deliverance you have offered all of us......... that they may be raised up ....... together with Him........ grow in your truth, and shine the Light and Life.......... the exceeding riches of Your grace!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Executive Order vs. Executive Fiat

Contact your representatives.


Dear Representative ----,

It is being said that Republicans are not convinced that a Short-Term Spending Bill is the *only* appropriate move at this time, but be sure of this:  it is the only action which can keep President Obama from setting the unconstitutional precedence he once stated was unlawful:  establishing immigration law (or any other law) via 'executive fiat'.

Executive orders directing how the executive branch implements existing law are one thing. EXECUTIVE FIAT IS ANOTHER.  Executive fiat would not be establishing law, it would be establishing lawlessness, aka: being 'above the law'.

Galileo once dropped two stones from the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  It was the most apt place for him to implement his study, for the tower was set up by the nobility who argued, based on the church sanctioned teachings of Aristotle, that, just as heavenly bodies were not subject to the law of gravity, so they, as nobility, rose above the ranks in an equally ethereal way, resulting in their being 'above the law' of society.... just as the heavenly bodies appeared to be 'above the law' of gravity.  That the sun and moon and stars needed to be 'above the law' for the purpose of the common good, and in the same way, they were 'above the law' of society 'for the common good'.  Galileo demonstrated the fallacy of their arrogant and selfish thinking simply by dropping two stones from a leaning tower - demonstrating that all of Aristotle's teachings about gravity were subject to formal, lengthy, and all inclusive inquisition - because, after all, it was utterly demonstrable that Aristotle's teaching that larger/heavier object fell faster than smaller/lighter objects (discounting aerodynamic factors).

When the nobility called Galileo's demonstration a lie and refused to admit the obvious physical truth occurring before their very eyes, they were, in essence, retaining to themselves the alleged right to rise above the law of society.

In the Western cultures, Galileo was heard in spite of the nobility's protests, terror tactics, and intimidation.  The ripple effects of those falling stones were heard far and near throughout the West.  People began to understand the truth which can stand solidly against tyranny.


Executive fiat will necessarily result in executive tyranny.

Congress is the only way to stop this utterly devastating travesty.

Do NOT pass a CR.  ONLY pass a Short Term Spending Bill so that the incoming congress can defund immigration and/or etc., in order to reign in the president's willingness to utterly destroy the Constitution and become a tyrant.

The House of Representatives was granted the power of the purse in order to reign in executive abuse.  Now it is necessary to implement that power by limiting funding.  The lame duck Congress is all too willing to fund anything the president wishes to do.  But the liberals there cannot do it without the consent of Republicans, and should not do so without the will of the people.  While it can be readily argued that the exact needs/desires of the people are not entirely clear from this most recent election, it is very clear that there is a censure on continuing the lawless nature that is growing in Washington.

A CR would necessarily fund Obama's plans for the coming year.  The incoming Congress would have no power to force a rebalance of powers.

Do NOT fund a CR.  ONLY Fund a Short Term Spending Bill.  Empower the incoming Congress to re-balance the balance of powers.  Thereby short circuiting this pending encroachment by the head of the executive branch, and encroachment which will necessarily bring in the precedence needed to establish full blown tyranny in this land.

Most earnestly,

Mr. & Mrs. ------


Above is found a letter which we sent to our representative in Congress.

Be informed.  Learn how to stand upon principles in order to advance truth,  Failure to do so is failure to do as much as you can/ought to protect the downtrodden.

Yes, there are many in the world who are downtrodden:  Jesus told Judas that the poor will always be with us.  They are poor because they are downtrodden, either because they were downcast and refused to recognize how God wanted to raise them up and/or, because others' greed oppressed them.  There are not downtrodden because of truth and justice and equity.  There are downtrodden because of the greed of those who abuse, neglect, and misuse law.  Those who are called upon to govern have a responsibility to oppose those who are willing to abuse, neglect, and misuse the law.

Here in the United States, we the people are all called upon to govern.  We all have a responsibility to oppose those who are willing to abuse, neglect, and misuse the law.

The Greeks understood that there are absolutes to social law.  The Greeks understood that no humanly written law would hold back the greed of those willing to oppress others for their own personal gain.  The Greeks understood that a way needed to be devised to reign in tyranny......, but as the people in Athens gained power as individual people, their greed took over, and they oppressed those who sought protection from them (after the Greeks successfully turned giant Persia away a second tie, smaller Greek city states looked to Athens for protection, entering into formal agreements with them).  Athenians, all too soon, found it possible to oppress non-Athenians whenever possible.  Oppression began to reign supreme.  Greece began to tumble into its demise.

While it is true that our current government's actions are enabling greed to reign supreme, there is no government in which greed has not been at odds with truth (arguably, one Christian king by the name of Alfred the Great was quite effective at reigning in the potential greed of his people...., which is why he was the *one* Christian king called 'great' by Christian historians.......).  Now?  Today?  WE THE PEOPLE ---- ARE THE GOVERNMENT --- AND, therefore...... WE THE PEOPLE ARE THEREBY CALLED UPON BY PROVERBS 31 TO PROTECT THE OPPRESSED.

That is to say, we the people must stand in opposition to oppressors and tyrants.

Executive orders vs. Executive fiat?  Executive fiat will circumvent the entirety of what is left of our Constitution in practice.  Even Obama acknowledged in the *recent* past that it would be unlawful for him to establish legislation for amnesty.  By his own words, he has expressed the understanding that it would be, in essence, executive fiat, or tyranny, to produce law by 'executive order'.

Executive order was practiced by the head of the *executive branch* to express clearly *how* the executive branch was to execute or implement the law.

Tyranny ought not to be allowed any footing in this nation.  If tyranny reigns here, we are one step closer to that which is said will come to pass:  a day when man will work all day long and be paid........ nothing but a loaf of bread.  Considering how debauched the genetic makeup of bread is these days, that sounds worse today than it ever was for anyone in times past.

We do not know the day or the hour when Christ shall return.  Until then, those who govern have a responsibility to diminish the power of oppressors to oppress the downtrodden.  The day when man will work all day and receive nothing but a loaf of bread?  That day should not occur on our watch.  That day should not occur any sooner than absolutely necessary to fulfill prophecy.  The shortness of the time will reduce oppression:  that is the goal.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Charlotte Mason Education: Introduction to Book VI - preparing the soul to dare to teach......

To begin, to be ready at all to begin, one must first be prepared to be prepared.  To begin to be prepared?  What does that look like?

(More below..... here are the first three paragraphs from the Introduction to the Charlotte Mason Series, Volume VI):

"These are anxious days for all who are engaged in education. We rejoiced in the fortitude, valour and devotion shown by our men in the War and recognize that these things are due to the Schools as well as to the fact that England still breeds "very valiant creatures." It is good to know that "the whole army was illustrious." The heroism of our officers derives an added impulse from that tincture of 'letters' that every Public schoolboy gets, and those "playing fields" where boys acquire habits of obedience and command. But what about the abysmal ignorance shown in the wrong thinking of many of the men who stayed at home? Are we to blame? I suppose most of us feel that we are: for these men are educated as we choose to understand education, that is, they can read and write, think perversely, and follow an argument, though they are unable to detect a fallacy. If we ask in perplexity, why do so many men and women seem incapable of generous impulse, of reasoned patriotism, of seeing beyond the circle of their own interests, is not the answer, that men are enabled for such things by education? These are the marks of educated persons; and when millions of men who should be the backbone of the country seem to be dead to public claims, we have to ask,––Why then are --vol 6 pg 2--  not these persons educated, and what have we given them in lieu of education?"

"Our errors in education, so far as we have erred, turn upon the conception we form of 'mind,' and the theory which has filtered through to most teachers implies the out-of-date notion of the development of 'faculties,' a notion which itself rests on the axiom that thought is no more than a function of the brain. Here we find the sole justification of the scanty curricula provided in most of our schools, for the tortuous processes of our teaching, for the mischievous assertion that "it does not matter what a child learns but only how he learns it." If we teach much and children learn little we comfort ourselves with the idea that we are 'developing' this or the other 'faculty.' A great future lies before the nation which shall perceive that knowledge is the sole concern of education proper, as distinguished from training, and that knowledge is the necessary daily food of the mind.

"Teachers are looking out for the support of a sound theory, and such a theory must recognize with conviction the part mind plays in education and the conditions under which this prime agent acts. We want a philosophy of education which, admitting that thought alone appeals to mind, that thought begets thought, shall relegate to their proper subsidiary places all those sensory and muscular activities which are supposed to afford intellectual as well as physical training. The latter is so important in and for itself that it needs not to be bolstered up by the notion that it includes the whole, or the practically important part, of education. The same remark holds good of vocational training. Our journals ask with scorn,––"Is there no education but what is got out of books at school? Is not the lad who works in the fields getting education?" and the public lacks the courage to say definitely, "No, he is  -vol 6 pg 3-  not," because there is no clear notion current as to what education means, and how it is to be distinguished from vocational training. But the people themselves begin to understand and to clamour for an education which shall qualify their children for life rather than for earning a living. As a matter of fact, it is the man who has read and thought on many subjects who is, with the necessary training, the most capable whether in handling tools, drawing plans, or keeping books. The more of a person we succeed in making a child, the better will he both fulfil his own life and serve society."

Matthew 18:1-5 "At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, 'Who, then, is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?'  He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them.  And he said: 'Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.  Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.  And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.'"

To begin, to be ready at all to begin, one must first be prepared to be prepared.  To begin to be prepared?  What does that look like?

"The more of a person we succeed in making a child, the better will he both fulfil his own life and serve society."  "....unless you change........ and become like little children......... "

We must first, ourselves, become educated - we must........ overcome....... miseducation in our own lives.......  But how can this be done?

We must first do what we must teach the children to do:  we must become childlike in order to even begin learning how to lead little children out of childishness and into childlike personhood - that they may become "more of a person"....... more of the person God is calling them to be.........

And thereby the child in us can begin to become a 'more of a person'...........

Think of it with care.  We must become childlike, not childish.  We must proceed with innocence and wonder before the child.  Though our broken world may have left us scarred and we have thus lost some sense of innocence......

Even if we are broken, and even if we see some of the brokenness of this broken world in the children...., we can operate from a sense of the great dance arising from the celebration of innocence.

What a wonder that is.  To celebrate innocence, goodness, and the joy thereof, in this broken world!  Any such celebration of innocence..... well,..... that requires inestimable faith.......... but that faith is within our grasp.  We have been given the gift of faith - a gift prepared for us since eternity past - a gift which we might wish to place in our own estimation of the value of things, or persons....... even of children.........  but a faith which we can place in His estimation of ....... the power of His love.........  and in His inestimable value of children...........

When we know that they are priceless, and that they have inestimable value....... even when their brokenness is distasteful to us, it will be easier to neither neglect nor abuse them.......  

The need to come before the Lord as a child is penultimate for the teacher and then for the student to come into a right relationship both with life and with the Lord of all that is living.


Despise not, Offend not, Hinder not.  (The code of education found in the gospels:  Matthew 18-19)

Why the order here: despise not, offend not, hinder not?  We are not likely to offend someone whom we properly esteem.  If we have despised them, have we not already offended them?  If we continue despising them, will we not neglect and/or abuse them?  If we have done all of that, have we not hindered them in their quest to become 'more of a person'?

Despise:  "to look down on with contempt or aversion (despised the weak); to regard as negligible, worthless, or distasteful"  (as opposed to cherishing children)

Offense:  any manner of Neglect &/or Abuse  (misuse would be a subset of one and/or both of these):  neglect and abuse result in lack of knowledge (no one is teaching a child properly if one is neglecting and/or abusing him)

Hinder:  "to make slow or difficult the progress of; to hold back; to delay, impede, or prevent action"

In order to come before the child without despising the child, we must come before the Lord as a child ourselves.



we must not place ourselves between the child and the creator......, 

we must learn to be childlike with the children............,

ode to how children's eyes light up with they see other children........., they stand in awe, wonder, and delight in others who are childlike........

and they are so very typically, gravely disappointed in not having found true childlikeness when little children exhibit childishness........

children only grow beyond exposure to others' childishness when the adults in their lives help them to be secure in their faith - an unwavering faith - not placed in their rights, not placed in their own understanding - but firmly placed .... in a greater Father, a Father of ultimate and unfading love......., and therefore, they can continue their little journey, still being childlike..... lost in wonder - rejoicing in all that is innocent........, in spite of brokenness around them..........

this is where we must begin......   

This is no PollyAnna complex.  This childlikeness comes before a cross.  A cross that recognizes the grievousness of unholiness......... of even little bits of sin.........

........ but still recognizing the power of love to overcome unholiness..... because the source of true love ----- is utterly holy, therefore utterly powerful............


Next challenge............ to observe this section of the Introduction in light of the following.......

The model of growth in becoming a person:

first not even alive
then being born
then being a child
then being a young adult
then being a reproducing adult.....

Monday, August 18, 2014

Galatians 1

Paradigm for This Study:  Lessons in How to Walk Like Paul........

1:1  So as Paul was sent, not from men, but from God - so ought we to be sent by God....... to carry the good news, to make disciples, who carry the good news....... to fellowship in faith with those of the Kingdom of Peace.

Have we dared to stand in the audacious confidence which Paul had, knowing we are doing that which we have been called on to do, to be, to say, to pray......?  What is being 'on mission' in my life today - not yesterday - not tomorrow, but today?

Authoritatively Commissioned


1:2  So Paul was a part of the Kingdom, aka: the 'brothers who are with me'.  Did they naturally have such a grave concern for the Galatian believers that they asked to be mentioned in the letter?  Had they prayed together fervently for the strife broiling in Galatia?  Did Paul help to inspire the devotion of those believers who were praying with him?  Did he call upon them to pray for the Galatian believers?  Did they pray specifically for the concerns which Paul mentions here in the opening of his relatively fiery letter to the Galatians?

Have we sought to know the concerns of believers elsewhere?  At the time of this writing, there are believers seeking refuge among the Kurds because of the horrid intensity of the persecution they are facing from ISIS.  Are we praying for them earnestly, and seeking to meet their needs through prayer and mammon?

Drawing the Hearts of the Kingdom's Brotherhood Together for Each Other


1:3  So Paul didn't simply emphasize grace or peace.  Why?  What peace can there be in an imperfect world without grace?  There can be none!  Think of it!?!  We have no peace for ourselves before others without their forgiveness, whether we really like it or not.  Others have no peace with us without our forgiving others.

So it is in our hopes for peace in a relationship with God.  There must be grace.  Praise God, whose grace is more than sufficient to offer grace to us all - to all who will simply receive it......... and to all who receive that grace........ they also receive His peace.

Have we believed it yet?  Do we walk in that peace?

Reminding us of the Peace and Grace we Have through Christ Already


1:4  Ode to be rescued from this present evil age.  That has been done in part........, and the promise is that He will finish the task in full!

God 'Wills' or Will-Do This:  a Complete and Utter Rescue!

"Ponerou":  evil ..... evil age......:  with an emphasis on the pain-ridden life that comes with living in this age when evil is not yet bound........  Many decry the fact that evil is not yet bound, calling God unjust.  This is something I can hear clearly........ they do feel the pain-ridden life's real pain.......... But am I God's judge?  This cannot be until I am able to put order to this universe myself - which I will never be able to do.  So all I have left is to trust His promise that the rescue will come - and the pain-ridden work and trials of living in this present evil age will end.

Reminding us of the Hope to Come!


1:5  Paul has no thought as to judging God, only to praise Him!

So do we seek glory for ourselves still; or do we seek His glory?  What will it be today?

The Glory is All His!


1:6  So Paul was astonished at those who walked away from the true gospel!  Did he give up on them?  No!  He sought to bring them back in line with truth - for only truth sets us free!

Do we give up on those who walk away from truth?

Do we sometimes walk the path of 'works salvation' or some social gospel of 'accepting' everything without consulting God's counsel first?

What about today?  Do we trust His salvation alone, but still, as Peter said, add to our faith in that salvation (II Peter 2)?  Paul certainly did!

What ought we to add to that faith today?  Is there anyone who should hear that we are astonished that they are giving up on the truth?  If so, say so!  If not, don't be complacent - the day might yet come!  Pray for those who do have a need to address those who are walking away from the truth!

Pray for those who *are* walking away from truth!

Calling All Believers to Renew Their Devotion to Truth


1:7  So Paul knew that the confusion came from those who seek to pervert the gospel!

Do we recognize the source of confusion when it arises?  Does the perversion from the truth bring true peace into the Kingdom of Peace?  Should we 'tolerate confusion' for the sake of ?peace?

Then what is to be done when confusion is brought in yet again, today, by those who seek to pervert the gospel?

And Recognize the Sources of Confusion Today


1:8-9  So Paul is not out cursing anyone......  But he is making it clear that some people come under a curse through their devotion to untruths and others through their devotion to actively twisting the truth.  Tender hearted Christians can feel the brokenness of letting them go - and thereby begin to judge God.    Others are more inclined to unleash a curse themselves.  Neither approach is what God has called us to.

We have only this:  to watch as those who choose to serve untruth come under the troubles of God's judgment.  May we pray that they are short-lived trials.

So We Can ............. Let Them Be!

Yes, there is a need to identify those whom we 'Let be'.  There is even a need to address why we 'let them be.'  But that is enough.  After the conflict is addressed, if peace is not possible 'as much as it is possible with us' (Romans 12), then it is time to 'let them be.'


1:10  Is it even possible to please all men in the church?  Paul wasn't speaking of trying to please men in the government, or in the 'politically correct world'.

Paul was admitting that he could not be about the business of trying to please men in the church.

All who try will almost assuredly fail - at least to some degree.  Men are horridly fickle creatures.  So move on when needed........

And be Servants of Christ - That's All


1:11  Preaching a Divine Gospel!


1:12  A Gospel Given by Jesus Christ Himself!


1:13  No Longer at War with the Church


1:14  No Longer Gaining Importance by Warring with the Church!


1:15-16  No Longer Hearing from Men What They Want  -  Yes, seeking counsel can be a good thing, but when God's calling has been made clear, as His call to Paul was made clear; God will send those men whom He will to confirm His calling.  We do not need to seek them ourselves!

God Himself has all power to 'uncover, reveal, unveil' to us what He wills to show us.

*When/if* He does that in your life - He has revealed *Himself* to you:  apokalupto:  the same word for the apocalypse......... 'the unveiling of Him'!

Seeking Revelation/Unveiling of Jesus

This is the secret of having a relationship both with the body of believers and with Him.


1:17  There are even times to distance ourselves from (at least some) believers in order to be prepared for the calling He has called us to - to listen carefully to know what message concerning the gospel we should be most prepared to share with the body - especially once we have heard what our calling is from God - and He has provided adequate witness as to what we have heard from Him!

Sometimes Only His Counsel Will Do!


1:18-22  BUT.......... after that time, it is vital to reconnect with the leaders of the church before going out and fulfilling the calling of God!

That time alone is NOT to be a time of rebellion - but a time of fasting from various aspects of life.

But Then it is Vital to Reconnect with the Kingdom!

Not, however, to be a spectacle!  Paul could have truly created a sensation among as many believers as he would have been willing to expose himself to.  He did not seek to create a spectacle or a sensation.  He sought confirmation and support in prayer.  He sought to put the hearts and minds of the church at peace with the sense of mission which had been placed upon Paul by God Himself.

We must be ready to go out and serve quietly.

There might be a time to go back and reference such truths - but not for our own glory!  Only to substantiate the truth!


1:23  That is not to say that we must keep the glorious truth from believers who would praise God with us in spirit!

Seek Prayer for Those on Mission:  Make Known God's Miralces Among the Kingdom-Believers without Sensation!


1:24  And the Result?  God will be Praised......... because of ...... ?us?


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Staying Stretched to the Max in Love! - - - - - - - - I Peter 4:8-11; Good Morning Girls, Week 7, Tuesday

"Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another,  because love covers a multitude of sins."  (I Peter 4:8 - NAS)

Well.......  ya know, the first part of this verse doesn't seem terribly difficult in the English: it could be restated loosely by saying, 'the most important thing to do is to keep the light of love alive for the brethren'.......

But what does that have to do with love covering a multitude of sins?
Certainly Christ's sacrifice was made with fervent love....., and we should be like Him, but is there perhaps more to this than meets the eye...... What about context within this chapter and this letter?  What about the Greek?

Well, let's back up to I Peter 4:1, in which Peter tells us that Christ 'suffered'.  By clicking on the Strong's number for 'pathontos', we can realize how clearly it is said in this verse that His suffering was brought upon Him by others in this broken and fallen world, and that His suffering is something which He felt very, very deeply.

The same verse goes on to say that we should be of this mind:  that we should be *willing* to allow suffering from this broken world to be brought upon our flesh from the brokenness in the world outside of ourselves, and that we should feel that pain deeply whenever God allows that brokenness to weigh heavily upon us.

More importantly, the one having suffered (in the) flesh is empowered to be able to be finished with sin.  So much so, that, according to I Peter 4:2, the one who has suffered, if he has been obedient to 'be of this same mind' of Christ........, will be able to devote his time to the will of God without being drawn into men's lusts.  Ode to remaining in 'this same mind'........, in order to avoid adding unnecessarily fulfilling further the 'desire of the Gentiles' I Peter 4:3.

Oh, my soul, I would that mankind would no longer fulfill the 'desire of the Gentiles'!  But all too many still desire to fulfill those inclinations.  They even think it is strange that believers do not seek the desires of the Gentiles  I Peter 4:4, not realizing that they will have to give account of the fulfillment of their desires one day I Peter 4:5.

But that's just it, God has been merciful because they did not realize fully what they have chased after; they were 'dead' to the truth!

And here is where He lets us be a part of the solution!  Men who have been *willing* to allow the suffering from this broken world to be brought upon their flesh in such a way that they felt the pain deeply - with the same mind as Christ...... those men have been sent to warn those who still seek to fulfill the 'desire of the Gentiles'!  Those men have been sent so that they might live according to God in the Spirit!

But no man can be 'of this mind' on his own.  No man can 'be of this mind' without Christ changing his heart to a heart of flesh.  When Christ removes the dead heart of stone from within a man, and replaces it with a living heart of flesh, then that 'heart transplant' helps that man to truly live and to 'be of this mind' of Christ........

But not everyone has received this heart of flesh!

So many around us need the life that comes only through this 'heart transplant'!

'The end has drawn near, therefore be sober minded, and be watchful for the purpose of prayers.'  (I Peter 4:7)

And here, the context begins to become more and more clear........

We see that this phrase, 'above all, keep fervent in your love for one another' is couched in the middle of these two phrases:

'Be watchful for the purpose of prayers....... ......... because love covers a multitude of sins.'?  (I Peter 4:7b, 8b)

But how can our love combined with prayers aid in the covering of a multitude of sins?  Isn't Jesus the Great High Priest, whose sacrifice took care of the sins of the beloved who receive His grace through His gift of faith, available to us through His sacrifice?

Is the hymn wrong?  "Jesus did it all!  All to Him I owe!"?

Well, yes, Jesus did it all.  But for whatever all reasons, God wants us to be like Jesus!  He wants us to imitate His love for others!  And when we do, He celebrates our finally 'knowing good and evil' the only healthy way possible:

---to be broken, suffering, taking on the pain of mankind's brokenness in order to spare others' as much of the suffering as possible - able to bear one another's burdens only because of His *plan* of grace!

Back in the Garden of Eden, when we rebelled against God and ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil?  Yes, back then, knowing good and evil broke our hearts - and our hearts died!  We had dead, stone hearts!  Our hearts broke, and rigamortis set in so deeply that our hearts became stone!  That's what 'knowing good and evil' our way did for us!

But knowing God's *heart* of grace not only for ourselves, but for others,  helps us to face 'knowing good and evil' with a heart of flesh.

A heart of flesh will still suffer under the 'knowledge of good and evil', just as Christ's heart of flesh suffered for us on the cross!

A heart of flesh will not become a broken heart though, it will be 'brokenhearted' for others, but not broken, lifeless, stone cold, deadness!

Christ was brokenhearted for us!  He truly suffered in the flesh of his brokenhearted state - - - for us!

We ought to be the same mind for others:  brokenhearted for them!  Willing to feel their pain, to bear their burdens as much as they will allow us to...........

In this brokenhearted state, in which we suffer the pain inflicted upon our heart of flesh by those whose hearts are dead, broken stone, our hearts can bear the burdens of others' sins before the throne of grace...... bearing the burden of sin directly to the High Priest, ...........

And here, we begin to see how, in verse 7, the 'purpose of prayers' begins to be made more clear......

We are to be priests before God, joining Jesus, the High Priest, our holy advocate, as He advocates for the forgiveness of a multitude of sins!  (verse 8b)


So, that is the context of this verse:  "Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another."''

It is becoming more clear!!!


But what of the original text?  Are there more clues which bring the light and life of these words into clearer focus?


Hmmmmm, in Greek, the word which we render as 'fervent' is a compound word:  ektenes:  with its parts being:

ek - 'wholly out'


tenes - 'stretched - without slack' (related to 'tension')

Really?  Keep Stretched to the Max in Love!?!

Wow!  How many trainers would think that it is wise to keep a muscle stretched to the max all of the time?

But maybe we should check out 'keep' in the Greek too?

Hmmmm, in the Greek, there are two words which were rendered as these three words in English: 'Above all, keep'......  They are pro panton:  with 'pro' meaning 'before,' and panton having its roots in 'pas' meaning 'every part of the totality'!

So, thus far, we have 'before every part of the, stretched out to the max'!

There is 'echontes', which is translated best as 'you having/holding/possessing'.

Then just the 'eis heautous' perhaps best translated as 'in/among yourselves'.....

So putting it all back together:

'Before every part of the totality, you having/holding/possessing love, stretched out to the max, in/among yourselves.'

So..... going back to the NASB:  "Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another'.......  the word 'keep' is meaningful:  having/holding/possessing..... that's all an ongoing thing!

Staying, and staying, and staying stretched to the Max in love!  ........ in love which is in/among us all.........  STRETCHED TO ALL OF US........ STRETCHED TO THE MAX SO IT REACHES ALL OF US.......... ALL OF THE TIME, BEFORE EVERY PART OF THE TOTALITY......!!!!!

Oh, my soul........ that is so difficult........... Have you ever seen this done right?!?

But all things are possible to those who love Him!

Dear Father, OUR Father, help us to help each other keep that love stretched out to the max - stretched so fully that it reaches all of us all of the time, before every bit of the totality of time....... remembering the purpose of prayer:  prayer from the heart of flesh which you have given to us, and which you will place in all who put their faith in you........ prayer that love, as it stretches out amongst us all, all of the time, covereth a multitude of sins, as we pray for the lost, for those moments when our flesh wishes to go back and fulfill the 'desire of Gentiles'....... and so forth.....

Help us to 'be of the same mind as Christ', feeling the broken heartedness in our new heart of flesh, brokenheartedness for the pain which we all feel because of the horrid things done by hearts of stone.......

And as we feel some small part of the brokenheartedness which Christ bore on the cross, as we bear others' burdens before your mercy seat, seeking the Advocate, that His grace may take yet another fallen man in his heart broken state, and humble him, giving him a heart of flesh and allowing that heart of flesh to feel the heartbreak of life........., thereby becoming heartbroken.........

..........that he too may begin to recognize the intense need for us to intercede for the saints who are, and who are yet to be called........ to faith........ and that he too may begin to share the love, which we need to hold/possess more faithfully amongst all of us, each and every one of us, all of the time, before every it of the totality of this life...............

.......Staying Stretched to the Max - - - - in Love - - - - all of us....... together.....!!!!!