Friday, February 20, 2015

Remember that your Goals and your Dreams, are Not the worlds dreams........

Mini Challenge #1, part 1: (a letter to my young self.....)

Hello, Rainah.  I see you are very busy with your dance.  Your joy in learning and growing shows.  Your hard work will pay off.  Not necessarily the way you might expect, but in ways that matter the most, so just keep pressing on!

Keep being more and more attentive, patient, quick to work, quicker to give it your all, ready to wait for others to have their turn, ready to lead out, ready to be last, quick to encourage others, especially the weak, ready to say you are sorry fairly quickly (which you do when you actually know what you have done wrong - and, oh.... wouldn't it be nice to always know? but you won't, so just try as hard as you can.....).  Be ready to oil your feathers so false criticisms will roll off your back.  You are already usually quick to do that too, but you also need to be quick to realize when fear or jealousy are at the root of the criticism.  Watch for that.  It can help you to try to bridge the gap between you and those who fear you or are jealous of you.... Doing so will bring you much peace - a peace that you can share with others who love peace too........ Then, work on building relationships with those who love peace.  Those are the best relationships to have, because those people are not only extraordinary, they are a safe haven when life's storms get rough! 

Keep in mind that the criticisms from your teachers are not always spot on.  Don't let their concerns turn you from your path.  Realize that sometimes, their concerns arise because of their own inabilities, not your own.  If you haven't found the answers you need today from the mentors currently present in your life, or from the research which you have available to you today, don't. give. up!  Keep seeking the truth that will set you free!

If you have set backs, so you can't achieve your goals according to the worlds time tables, remember that your goals and your dreams are not the world's dreams.  You might need to find a safe place to save and protect your dreams for a while, but when you get past the set backs, know that it is still alright to unfurl the banner of your dreams and start pressing on again!

You are so in love with beauty that it could well be said that you cherish beauty; yet you are not focused on who is most beautiful, most capable, or who can help you get ahead.  While you wouldn't say so quite yet, what is growing in you is a sense of the power of beauty - the power to change lives for good.  You love the celebration of beauty, not the flaunting of ability, which is the most lovely frame for beauty's truths to shine.  Others will realize this of you before you do.  In the meantime, don't listen when some around you denigrate you because you seek to grow in your ability.  Your ability is important because it is a tool to help you share the truths which beauty can build into the lives of others.

While you do not yet realize the power of the spark of life placed in you, one day you will realize that it is right and good to (sometimes) stand in awe of that spark of life in you --- which is the best part of who you are.  Why?  Because you did not place it there yourself!  It is a created gift!  That spark of life has been infused with a beauty beyond what you can begin to imagine or believe.  Oh, and, by the way, that faith that you have in others' spark of life?  Open your eyes quickly so that you can begin to see how vital it is for you to believe the same about yourself.

You are willing to honor authorities - do more!  Love them!  Still, it is amazing that you are willing to lay aside a dream for a season when there is no mentor available to you who can guide you safely - which is wise beyond your years.   Continue to grow in wisdom, as it will help you move forward in life even when there are road blocks and delays in your path.  Indeed, only truth can carry you through, no matter what others may think of you, not just when you are young and hoping to establish a solid foothold on life, but even later, as you press on to see how much of a centurion and beyond you might become.

Live everyday like your last, but with a mind to making any New Tomorrows with which you might be blessed fuller than Your Today.  Your Today is a gift placed in your hand from the Divine Hand of providence - a gift from outside of yourself - a gift which you should cherish - and a gift which you should share with others.  Every Tomorrow which you live to discover, while still a gift from the hand of providence will also be, in great part, a gift that you gave to yourself in many ways -------- so be careful in how you prepare that gift today ---- and prepare a gift worth receiving yourself, so that it will be a gift worth sharing with others.

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