Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Executive Order vs. Executive Fiat

Contact your representatives.


Dear Representative ----,

It is being said that Republicans are not convinced that a Short-Term Spending Bill is the *only* appropriate move at this time, but be sure of this:  it is the only action which can keep President Obama from setting the unconstitutional precedence he once stated was unlawful:  establishing immigration law (or any other law) via 'executive fiat'.

Executive orders directing how the executive branch implements existing law are one thing. EXECUTIVE FIAT IS ANOTHER.  Executive fiat would not be establishing law, it would be establishing lawlessness, aka: being 'above the law'.

Galileo once dropped two stones from the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  It was the most apt place for him to implement his study, for the tower was set up by the nobility who argued, based on the church sanctioned teachings of Aristotle, that, just as heavenly bodies were not subject to the law of gravity, so they, as nobility, rose above the ranks in an equally ethereal way, resulting in their being 'above the law' of society.... just as the heavenly bodies appeared to be 'above the law' of gravity.  That the sun and moon and stars needed to be 'above the law' for the purpose of the common good, and in the same way, they were 'above the law' of society 'for the common good'.  Galileo demonstrated the fallacy of their arrogant and selfish thinking simply by dropping two stones from a leaning tower - demonstrating that all of Aristotle's teachings about gravity were subject to formal, lengthy, and all inclusive inquisition - because, after all, it was utterly demonstrable that Aristotle's teaching that larger/heavier object fell faster than smaller/lighter objects (discounting aerodynamic factors).

When the nobility called Galileo's demonstration a lie and refused to admit the obvious physical truth occurring before their very eyes, they were, in essence, retaining to themselves the alleged right to rise above the law of society.

In the Western cultures, Galileo was heard in spite of the nobility's protests, terror tactics, and intimidation.  The ripple effects of those falling stones were heard far and near throughout the West.  People began to understand the truth which can stand solidly against tyranny.


Executive fiat will necessarily result in executive tyranny.

Congress is the only way to stop this utterly devastating travesty.

Do NOT pass a CR.  ONLY pass a Short Term Spending Bill so that the incoming congress can defund immigration and/or etc., in order to reign in the president's willingness to utterly destroy the Constitution and become a tyrant.

The House of Representatives was granted the power of the purse in order to reign in executive abuse.  Now it is necessary to implement that power by limiting funding.  The lame duck Congress is all too willing to fund anything the president wishes to do.  But the liberals there cannot do it without the consent of Republicans, and should not do so without the will of the people.  While it can be readily argued that the exact needs/desires of the people are not entirely clear from this most recent election, it is very clear that there is a censure on continuing the lawless nature that is growing in Washington.

A CR would necessarily fund Obama's plans for the coming year.  The incoming Congress would have no power to force a rebalance of powers.

Do NOT fund a CR.  ONLY Fund a Short Term Spending Bill.  Empower the incoming Congress to re-balance the balance of powers.  Thereby short circuiting this pending encroachment by the head of the executive branch, and encroachment which will necessarily bring in the precedence needed to establish full blown tyranny in this land.

Most earnestly,

Mr. & Mrs. ------


Above is found a letter which we sent to our representative in Congress.

Be informed.  Learn how to stand upon principles in order to advance truth,  Failure to do so is failure to do as much as you can/ought to protect the downtrodden.

Yes, there are many in the world who are downtrodden:  Jesus told Judas that the poor will always be with us.  They are poor because they are downtrodden, either because they were downcast and refused to recognize how God wanted to raise them up and/or, because others' greed oppressed them.  There are not downtrodden because of truth and justice and equity.  There are downtrodden because of the greed of those who abuse, neglect, and misuse law.  Those who are called upon to govern have a responsibility to oppose those who are willing to abuse, neglect, and misuse the law.

Here in the United States, we the people are all called upon to govern.  We all have a responsibility to oppose those who are willing to abuse, neglect, and misuse the law.

The Greeks understood that there are absolutes to social law.  The Greeks understood that no humanly written law would hold back the greed of those willing to oppress others for their own personal gain.  The Greeks understood that a way needed to be devised to reign in tyranny......, but as the people in Athens gained power as individual people, their greed took over, and they oppressed those who sought protection from them (after the Greeks successfully turned giant Persia away a second tie, smaller Greek city states looked to Athens for protection, entering into formal agreements with them).  Athenians, all too soon, found it possible to oppress non-Athenians whenever possible.  Oppression began to reign supreme.  Greece began to tumble into its demise.

While it is true that our current government's actions are enabling greed to reign supreme, there is no government in which greed has not been at odds with truth (arguably, one Christian king by the name of Alfred the Great was quite effective at reigning in the potential greed of his people...., which is why he was the *one* Christian king called 'great' by Christian historians.......).  Now?  Today?  WE THE PEOPLE ---- ARE THE GOVERNMENT --- AND, therefore...... WE THE PEOPLE ARE THEREBY CALLED UPON BY PROVERBS 31 TO PROTECT THE OPPRESSED.

That is to say, we the people must stand in opposition to oppressors and tyrants.

Executive orders vs. Executive fiat?  Executive fiat will circumvent the entirety of what is left of our Constitution in practice.  Even Obama acknowledged in the *recent* past that it would be unlawful for him to establish legislation for amnesty.  By his own words, he has expressed the understanding that it would be, in essence, executive fiat, or tyranny, to produce law by 'executive order'.

Executive order was practiced by the head of the *executive branch* to express clearly *how* the executive branch was to execute or implement the law.

Tyranny ought not to be allowed any footing in this nation.  If tyranny reigns here, we are one step closer to that which is said will come to pass:  a day when man will work all day long and be paid........ nothing but a loaf of bread.  Considering how debauched the genetic makeup of bread is these days, that sounds worse today than it ever was for anyone in times past.

We do not know the day or the hour when Christ shall return.  Until then, those who govern have a responsibility to diminish the power of oppressors to oppress the downtrodden.  The day when man will work all day and receive nothing but a loaf of bread?  That day should not occur on our watch.  That day should not occur any sooner than absolutely necessary to fulfill prophecy.  The shortness of the time will reduce oppression:  that is the goal.


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