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Galatians 1

Paradigm for This Study:  Lessons in How to Walk Like Paul........

1:1  So as Paul was sent, not from men, but from God - so ought we to be sent by God....... to carry the good news, to make disciples, who carry the good news....... to fellowship in faith with those of the Kingdom of Peace.

Have we dared to stand in the audacious confidence which Paul had, knowing we are doing that which we have been called on to do, to be, to say, to pray......?  What is being 'on mission' in my life today - not yesterday - not tomorrow, but today?

Authoritatively Commissioned


1:2  So Paul was a part of the Kingdom, aka: the 'brothers who are with me'.  Did they naturally have such a grave concern for the Galatian believers that they asked to be mentioned in the letter?  Had they prayed together fervently for the strife broiling in Galatia?  Did Paul help to inspire the devotion of those believers who were praying with him?  Did he call upon them to pray for the Galatian believers?  Did they pray specifically for the concerns which Paul mentions here in the opening of his relatively fiery letter to the Galatians?

Have we sought to know the concerns of believers elsewhere?  At the time of this writing, there are believers seeking refuge among the Kurds because of the horrid intensity of the persecution they are facing from ISIS.  Are we praying for them earnestly, and seeking to meet their needs through prayer and mammon?

Drawing the Hearts of the Kingdom's Brotherhood Together for Each Other


1:3  So Paul didn't simply emphasize grace or peace.  Why?  What peace can there be in an imperfect world without grace?  There can be none!  Think of it!?!  We have no peace for ourselves before others without their forgiveness, whether we really like it or not.  Others have no peace with us without our forgiving others.

So it is in our hopes for peace in a relationship with God.  There must be grace.  Praise God, whose grace is more than sufficient to offer grace to us all - to all who will simply receive it......... and to all who receive that grace........ they also receive His peace.

Have we believed it yet?  Do we walk in that peace?

Reminding us of the Peace and Grace we Have through Christ Already


1:4  Ode to be rescued from this present evil age.  That has been done in part........, and the promise is that He will finish the task in full!

God 'Wills' or Will-Do This:  a Complete and Utter Rescue!

"Ponerou":  evil ..... evil age......:  with an emphasis on the pain-ridden life that comes with living in this age when evil is not yet bound........  Many decry the fact that evil is not yet bound, calling God unjust.  This is something I can hear clearly........ they do feel the pain-ridden life's real pain.......... But am I God's judge?  This cannot be until I am able to put order to this universe myself - which I will never be able to do.  So all I have left is to trust His promise that the rescue will come - and the pain-ridden work and trials of living in this present evil age will end.

Reminding us of the Hope to Come!


1:5  Paul has no thought as to judging God, only to praise Him!

So do we seek glory for ourselves still; or do we seek His glory?  What will it be today?

The Glory is All His!


1:6  So Paul was astonished at those who walked away from the true gospel!  Did he give up on them?  No!  He sought to bring them back in line with truth - for only truth sets us free!

Do we give up on those who walk away from truth?

Do we sometimes walk the path of 'works salvation' or some social gospel of 'accepting' everything without consulting God's counsel first?

What about today?  Do we trust His salvation alone, but still, as Peter said, add to our faith in that salvation (II Peter 2)?  Paul certainly did!

What ought we to add to that faith today?  Is there anyone who should hear that we are astonished that they are giving up on the truth?  If so, say so!  If not, don't be complacent - the day might yet come!  Pray for those who do have a need to address those who are walking away from the truth!

Pray for those who *are* walking away from truth!

Calling All Believers to Renew Their Devotion to Truth


1:7  So Paul knew that the confusion came from those who seek to pervert the gospel!

Do we recognize the source of confusion when it arises?  Does the perversion from the truth bring true peace into the Kingdom of Peace?  Should we 'tolerate confusion' for the sake of ?peace?

Then what is to be done when confusion is brought in yet again, today, by those who seek to pervert the gospel?

And Recognize the Sources of Confusion Today


1:8-9  So Paul is not out cursing anyone......  But he is making it clear that some people come under a curse through their devotion to untruths and others through their devotion to actively twisting the truth.  Tender hearted Christians can feel the brokenness of letting them go - and thereby begin to judge God.    Others are more inclined to unleash a curse themselves.  Neither approach is what God has called us to.

We have only this:  to watch as those who choose to serve untruth come under the troubles of God's judgment.  May we pray that they are short-lived trials.

So We Can ............. Let Them Be!

Yes, there is a need to identify those whom we 'Let be'.  There is even a need to address why we 'let them be.'  But that is enough.  After the conflict is addressed, if peace is not possible 'as much as it is possible with us' (Romans 12), then it is time to 'let them be.'


1:10  Is it even possible to please all men in the church?  Paul wasn't speaking of trying to please men in the government, or in the 'politically correct world'.

Paul was admitting that he could not be about the business of trying to please men in the church.

All who try will almost assuredly fail - at least to some degree.  Men are horridly fickle creatures.  So move on when needed........

And be Servants of Christ - That's All


1:11  Preaching a Divine Gospel!


1:12  A Gospel Given by Jesus Christ Himself!


1:13  No Longer at War with the Church


1:14  No Longer Gaining Importance by Warring with the Church!


1:15-16  No Longer Hearing from Men What They Want  -  Yes, seeking counsel can be a good thing, but when God's calling has been made clear, as His call to Paul was made clear; God will send those men whom He will to confirm His calling.  We do not need to seek them ourselves!

God Himself has all power to 'uncover, reveal, unveil' to us what He wills to show us.

*When/if* He does that in your life - He has revealed *Himself* to you:  apokalupto:  the same word for the apocalypse......... 'the unveiling of Him'!

Seeking Revelation/Unveiling of Jesus

This is the secret of having a relationship both with the body of believers and with Him.


1:17  There are even times to distance ourselves from (at least some) believers in order to be prepared for the calling He has called us to - to listen carefully to know what message concerning the gospel we should be most prepared to share with the body - especially once we have heard what our calling is from God - and He has provided adequate witness as to what we have heard from Him!

Sometimes Only His Counsel Will Do!


1:18-22  BUT.......... after that time, it is vital to reconnect with the leaders of the church before going out and fulfilling the calling of God!

That time alone is NOT to be a time of rebellion - but a time of fasting from various aspects of life.

But Then it is Vital to Reconnect with the Kingdom!

Not, however, to be a spectacle!  Paul could have truly created a sensation among as many believers as he would have been willing to expose himself to.  He did not seek to create a spectacle or a sensation.  He sought confirmation and support in prayer.  He sought to put the hearts and minds of the church at peace with the sense of mission which had been placed upon Paul by God Himself.

We must be ready to go out and serve quietly.

There might be a time to go back and reference such truths - but not for our own glory!  Only to substantiate the truth!


1:23  That is not to say that we must keep the glorious truth from believers who would praise God with us in spirit!

Seek Prayer for Those on Mission:  Make Known God's Miralces Among the Kingdom-Believers without Sensation!


1:24  And the Result?  God will be Praised......... because of ...... ?us?


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