Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jude 1a (Part II) Jude, the servant of Jesus Christ

"Jude, the servant of Jesus Christ."

Sure enough, the verse still doesn't say, "Jude, the brother of Jesus Christ!"

Jude focused instead on his being a servant of Jesus Christ! Why?

Jude had all the room in both heaven and earth to say that he was the brother of Jesus Christ, but he knew that his focus, not just in heaven someday, but even during his life here on earth, needed to be on loving (Matt. 22:37), serving (Luke 17:10), and obeying (John 14:15) his Lord and Master whom he loved. After all, we are servants of the one whom we obey, either of sin, or of righteousness (Romans 6:16). Further, there is no middle of the road. We can't obey His commandments (John 14:15) by simply avoiding sin while at the same time avoiding righteousness. If we are trying that for any reason, it is highly likely that we simply do not know Him (I John 3:10).

This is not to say that we can somehow 'live up to the law' in order to do for ourselves the work that only Jesus could do for us; the work which He did indeed complete on the cross for us (Gal. 2:16). Further, through Christ, we should consider ourselves dead to the law (Gal. 2:19). But, being dead to the law, and free from sin, we became servants of righteousness (Rom. 6:18).

We are, then, to serve the God of righteousness.

I don't pretend to understand fully how it is that we are dead to 'the law' and 'alive to righteousness'.

I don't pretend to be able to explain the differences between Old Testament 'the law' and the New Testament 'commandments' of Jesus and/or His Father.

I do see some significant differences between 'the old testament law' and 'the new testament commandments'. (though that discussion would need to be taken up in another post)......

So I have come to understand some things, but not all.

That is fine with me. I trust Him.

I trust Him enough to be busy about the process of learning to glory in serving Him and to joy in serving others.

What about you? Are you busy working at being churchy? Are you avoiding it? Are you learning how to have a relationship with Him, through which He is teaching you how to serve Him: 'waiting on Him' and serving others in His name as it were? After all, sometimes waiters do stand in the shadows simply waiting and watching for the just right time to offer service again......?

What all does it mean to 'serve' Him?

In the next post, we'll do a word study on the word 'servant'........

It will be good to ponder seriously what the Word tells us about this word, and think about how it should and/or should not fit into our own lives.

I hope you'll join me there soon!

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